Foodie Friday


Met up with some of my friends at this little spot in Echo Park and thought it was super cool! They have retro arcade games around the restaurant so you could play while you’re waiting for a table or just simply go and play! We got several plates to share between 5 of us. Each was very flavorful and exciting! They serve a menu of Asian fusion style dishes from burgers to wings to noodles. It’s a very refreshing and solid take on Asian food.






Decided to meet up with a friend for coffee on Sunday morning and decided to try out Found Coffee in Eagle Rock. Now, I always say ‘go have coffee’ with someone but I never seem to get coffee. I usually gravitate towards chai teas so of course, that’s what I chose. It was very light and pretty good, not my favorite but doable. I did like their pastries though and the decor! It’s a great place to sit and catch up with someone.


This place can be hard to find and is located in a strange area of Atwater but I always pass by so thought I’d finally try it out! The boyfriend and I had dinner there one night and got a shrimp dish, garlic naan, samosas, and the mushroom curry dish. Everything was SO yummy! I was very surprised at how good it was considering that we were the only two in the restaurant at dinner time! I’ve read that people like their lunch buffet so maybe that’s when they’re the busiest. I’d love to come back!


DIMSUM is very close to my heart and I find every excuse possible to eat it any chance I get. I often come to this spot in Alhambra because they have plenty of options and serve this dish called ‘snow milk buns’ which is a very fluffy dessert pastry filled with light custard. It is absolutely delicious!


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