Weekend in Palm Springs

I grew up in a really big family with about 10 aunts and uncles on both my mom’s and my dad’s side and dozens of cousins (didn’t intend to rhyme there). My dad is the oldest sibling in his family so that makes me the oldest cousin on my dad’s side. So I grew up with a lot of younger cousins and we were always causing tons of trouble together! Don’t even know how my grandma was able to babysit all of us at once so lots of kudos to her! Now that we’re all grown up, we don’t get to spend that much time together anymore so it was about time for us to plan a weekend trip together!

We decided to get an Airbnb in Palm Springs for 9 of us and had the best time! The house was breathtakingly gorgeous with such cool and fun retro decor and details. Apparently, the house was built for FDR’s son, which was a really neat piece of history about it!


My favorite part of the house were these fun, colorful old telephones that were hanging on the wall in the hallway. They didn’t work, but they looked great! 🙂







This was the master bathroom and I was just in awe every time I used it! The shower was really open which is something I’m not used to but it was beautiful nonetheless! Just made sure that I closed the doors to the bedroom and locked it so that I could shower without feeling scared someone was going to walk in.








We spent the weekend just lounging at the pool, watching movies, drinking (everyone else, not me), and eating tons of home cooked food! Didn’t even have to leave the house, but who would if you were staying in this one! It was such a great time for us to bond and really spend time with each other. The youngest cousin (13 years old) went home after the weekend and told his mom that he had a blast and didn’t want to go home! Isn’t that the sweetest?! I just wanted to make sure they had a fun time!


Also, I just recently got this Iphone case from Caseapp which is a website where you can design your own cases from cellphones to laptops. It was such a simple process and I got exactly what I wanted! The case itself is very sleek and pretty durable! I’ve dropped my phone a few times and haven’t had any problems. I really wanted a geometric pattern mixed with a marble print so I designed this colorblock look for my phone. Isn’t she pretty?! I highly recommend checking out Caseapp’s website and products.



Floral Off Shoulder Dress| Striped Off Shoulder Bikini| White Crinkle Curve Top| Phone Case|

See below for more pieces similar to the ones I’m wearing during my weekend getaway!

*Thanks, Caseapp for this really cool new phone case! I’ve been in need of a new one! Now, my phone is shiny and new again! 🙂

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    1. You should go! It’s pretty hot right now but as long as you have access to a pool, it’ll be a blast!

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