Runa Teas

Everyone that knows me knows that I love teas! I’m not much of a coffee drinker but get me a refreshing tea or chai, and I’m all set! Runa Tea is a great refreshing option and I love the story behind their company. Runa teas and energy drinks are all natural, so they are naturally sweetened and caffeinated. They are made of guayusa leaves, which come from the Amazonian forest and tended to by Kichwa farmers, who are the indigenous people of the Amazon. The teas not only protect and preserve the Amazon rainforest, but also provide support for independent farmers. Guayusa leaves need the shade from the hardwood trees in the Amazonian rainforest, so in order for it to thrive, the Amazonian rainforest has to thrive as well.

It comes in a few different flavors and are very smooth with a subtle hint of sweetness, which is perfect for my palette. I don’t like overly sweet drinks, so this works out perfectly for me! My fiance tried out one of the energy drinks because he works night shifts sometimes and he was raving about it! He said it was really tasty and definitely gave him a boost of energy for work.

Thanks Runa for sponsoring this post! 🙂

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