Real vs. Steal: Chloe ‘Drew’ Crossbody Bag

I’m one for splurging on certain things here and there but sometimes finding a look-alike or dupe is just fine with me too!
I have been seeing this Chloe bag everywhere! Tons of other bloggers having been sporting this accessory and I can’t say that I haven’t been tempted to go get one myself but with the price tag on this, I have been stopping myself from even thinking about purchasing it! It’s not in everyone’s budget to spend $1500+ on a purse (nor mine).
BUT for those of you that want a similar look for a more affordable price, below are a few purses that would do! I’ve provided links to the pieces below!
Chloe Drew Crossbody Bag


One | Two | Three

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  1. I came here because of your blog name. Blame me. It’s rocking awesome! Also, your style is so on point, really enjoyed scrolling down your outfits. Cheers! xxx

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