Off Shoulder at LACMA

I often find myself not enjoying a lot of the beautiful sights and attractions that LA has to offer, so I’m making it a goal to visit different spots in LA. We live in such a lively and fast paced city, but because I’ve lived here my entire life, I often take the weather, the beauty for granted. We went to visit LACMA a few weekends ago so that I could finally see that giant rock art installation called Levitated Mass in person. I really thought it was the coolest thing even though some may say it’s just a big rock sitting on a concrete canal. Yes, that’s what it is, but it’s still pretty amazing.

I wore my new off shoulder blouse from J.Crew, new shoes, and had some time to make my hair look a little nicer. One mistake though, was trying to break in my new shoes while walking around. Definitely paid for that with some cuts and blisters.





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  1. I’ve visited so many spots of LA, that the city has been feeling a little lackluster for me lately, but I would really like to enjoy the hidden gems of LA again. I really love this spot of LACMA actually and I hope to revisit again. What other spots of LA do you recommend?


    1. Hi there! My recommendations are going on a hike (there are tons in LA), Grand Central Market, Griffith Observatory, museums are always cool, and if you’re here in the Summer, the classical concerts at the Hollywood Bowl are so fun, or a movie night at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (Cinespia)! 🙂

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