Mesa Steps Beach in Santa Barbara

This was one of the places we stopped at on our Santa Barbara weekend. It was a local beach that you could only access with a long set of stairs in a residential area. We wanted to just relax and lay out so this was definitely a much needed day!

There were tons of dogs there having the best time and it was so fun watching them run around! We would love to stop by here again the next time we’re in town so that we could enjoy it a little more!

Coming back up the stairs to our car was a different story…But I took a few breaks to take in the scenery while I was catching my break. 🙂

IMG_3645 IMG_3651 IMG_3676 IMG_3690 IMG_3692


Top: Asos| Shorts: Charlotte Russe| Swimsuit: Victoria’s Secret| Hat: Asos|

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