Maxi Dresses

With Summer just around the corner, I’ve been eyeing some pretty maxi dresses with a mix of fun colors and funky prints! I’m not one to wear prints but I’m contemplating it here and there.
What’s funny is that just recently I’ve been told by my family that I can’t wear long dresses because of how short I am! They were saying that I should not even consider buying any maxi dresses because it wouldn’t look good on me! Can you believe that?! Comments like these are the reason why I started my blog in the first place! I am a deep believer that no matter what body shape or size you are, you can enjoy any style and wear what your heart desires (as long as it’s appropriate). You shouldn’t listen to old and dated style tips that are incorrect most of the time! AND tailoring is your best friend. Yes, most maxi dresses are way too long on me, but I go to my tailor every once in a while to get that fixed and voila, it fits! 🙂
Wear what you want and feel good about it!
I wanted to show you guys a few picks I’ve been looking at and would love to get my hands on sometime soon! Check them out below. Links are provided for my top 4 picks below my collage and all the pictures are clickable so they will lead you to the retailer!
Which one’s your favorite?!
Maxi Dresses



More picks below!

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