Longline Cardigan

I have always loved light cardigans from regular ones to chunky ones to long ones. I find it so simple to throw over your outfit, especially because I’m always cold. Even when it’s sunny out, I like the security of taking a cardigan with me just in case! This particular one is from Target and I love that it’s lightweight and a longline length. There are also slits on the side so it just falls and flows so beautifully. I also find that a longline cardigan tends to lengthen me a little more. Just as long as it hits me at the knees.

Longline Black Cardigan| Jeans| Bow Mules (Similar HERE)| Hat (Similar HERE)| Bucket Bag (Similar HERE)| Grey Charcoal Tee

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    1. I’m so addicted to going to Target! I always end up buying SOMETHING! or a lot of things! πŸ˜›

  1. I am so the same way about carrying a cardigan or denim jacket in my car just in case. I’m so cold natured that it is a necessary item to keep around. Like you, I love cardigans especially long ones because they look so chic with heels. Loving your outfit! That purse and your jeans are my favs πŸ™‚ #scsister

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