Lace Up Sweater

I’m sure you’ve seen lace up sweaters and shirts everywhere these days. I recently purchased this one from Madewell because I love the texture on it and that there’s a panel behind the lace so that I don’t have to worry about giving someone an eyeful of my ‘girlies’. The sweater is also hooded which gives it such a laid back and casual feel.

If you’re wondering about my expression in the picture above, my sister was taking pictures for me and she made fun of my poses so I gave her a stinky face! Ahhh….sisterly love, right?


Madewell Lace Up Sweater| Brown Satchel (SIMILAR HERE)| Boots|

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    1. Thanks, dear! It’s super comfy and very well made! I guess that’s why they call themselves “Madewell”! 🙂

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