Home Finds: Pillows Galore!

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Just like any other girl, I love pillows. The more pillows, the better! I still sleep in a twin size bed and I have FIVE pillows. Not sure how I managed to fit that many on my tiny bed, but I assure you, it’s absolutely necessary! At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

I love adding decorative touches to my bed, couch, and seats, so what better way than to add fun and funky pillows? Yes, I tend to stick to a more neutral color palette when it comes to my decor and fashion choices, but I also love a pop of color here and there once in a while. And pillows are generally where I feel more comfortable playing with that. Sure, I still live with my parents but I add my touches here and there around the house and of course, my room.

First, if you have a neutral couch or bed, adding a brightly colored or patterned pillow is a great way to give it a little extra oomph! I love geometric prints right now because of their bold print and colors which would be a great statement piece. Now if you’re like me and get intimated with bright colors, try adding a neutral pillow with fun textures like tassels or fringes. Or maybe even a furry pillow! There are endless options and so easily interchangeable!

Check out some great decorative pillows below that I know you’ll want for your house!

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