Happy Halloween!

I normally don’t dress up for Halloween or do anything special because we never find anything we want to attend and I get lazy, so staying home and passing out candy is usually what I end up doing. This year, my coworker invited us to her annual Halloween shindig so it was up to us to come up with a couples costume. We played around with the idea of Gomez and Morticia from the Addams Family but we wanted to try to dress up in something with pieces we either already had in our closets or would wear again. After weeks of contemplation, it came to me! We loved Wes Anderson’s ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ so dressing up as Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop.


The boyfriend got the khaki button up and shorts in the clearance rack in two stores, the raccoon hat and scarf from Amazon, and I made him his patches/buttons.


I had to find a pink dress with a white collar and didn’t have any luck finding one that I could possibly wear again. I found a bunch on Amazon but those were only for costume purposes, so I wanted to find another option. I stumbled on this one on Asos (on sale as well) and figured I would wear it again, so I just bought it! 🙂 The binoculars are toy ones from Amazon and I had everything else in my closet to finish up the outfit!


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