Foodie Friday: Ozu East Kitchen

For this Foodie Friday post, I wanted to recap my experience at the most recent Yelp Elite event I attended! I signed up for the tasting event at Ozu East Kitchen in Atwater and was very excited to try out this new ramen spot! The restaurant had a very cool, modern look to it but onto the food!

We were given a cute little menu with the food we were about to enjoy! For appetizers, we had the chicken karaage which was super tender and moist. The owner was nice enough to come around and describe the cooking process to us! The next appetizer is the charred edamame which had so much flavor and depth to them. It was one of the best edamame dishes I’ve ever had. Another great dish was the shishito peppers; it was slightly spicy but not too overpowering. I loved it!

We all got our choice of ramen and I chose the miso vegan ramen, since I always tend to get the traditional tonkotsu. I loved that they used spinach noodles instead, which was very different but it was a nice change in flavor. My ramen wasn’t too rich but also had tons of flavor. I felt like I chose a healthier alternative! I mean, it was still a week night so I couldn’t go crazy! …but I finished the night with the yummiest match green tea gelato.

I highly recommend this spot and need to come in and try some more dishes out before they get too popular! 🙂








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  1. Everything looks so good – especially the ramen! That’s so interesting that they used spinach noodles- I bet that tasted so different and unique! I’d love to try it!

    xx, Caitlin

    1. Yeah! The noodles did taste different but it made me feel like I was eating a little healthier! :p

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