Foodie Friday: Chi Spacca

CHI SPACCA in Los Angeles, CA

I took the boyfriend to Chi Spacca for his birthday since it’s a spot we have been dying to go to. It is on the pricey side so I wanted to save up for it, but boy was it worth it! This has got to be one of my favorite restaurants now and we’re already planning to come back sometime in the near future! Check out my thoughts on each plate below!

Spacca Culatello: This was so melt-in-your-mouth delicious! From the burrata to the cure meat, it was such a great first dish! They bring the burrata in from Italy every week so it’s super fresh and cure the meat in house (I believe, I saw a bunch of cuts hanging behind the kitchen).
Focaccia di Recco: If you love a good ol’ bread basket, you’ll fall in love with this dish. It blows all of the other bread dishes out of the water! It is almost like a pizza but super flaky and has cheese INSIDE! It’s cheesy, salty, greasy, and just perfect. It’s a must-have!
Spacca Caesar: With all of the carbs and meats, we needed to add on a vegetable dish of some sort, so the Caesar salad was our choice. The dressy is super creamy and I love that they use sliced pieces of cauliflower in the salad. It gives us such a great flavor and crunch! The boyfriend said that if people made salads like these more often, he’d actually be happy with eating salad for a meal!
Beef & Bone Marrow Pie and Tomahawk Porkchop: These two plates were enough to feed at least 6 people but we got it for just the two of us. Our waiter warned us but these were the two we had already set our minds on before coming here and we were just fine with having leftovers for dinner the next day! The beef and bone marrow pie was so scrumptious. I love pot pies and the braised beef and gravy inside were so hearty, making this such an ideal comfort dish. The Tomahawk was GIGANTIC and had the perfect about of fattiness so it would really appeal to a true meat lover!


We did not have any room for dessert but I had no problem with that. I was completely stuffed and wished I had more room to finish our amazing meal! They also had a 50oz steak that the boyfriend nearly ordered but I talked him out of it because it’s absolutely insane for just the two of us to eat a 50oz steak! I normally barely finish an 8oz so after doing the math, there’s no way that steak was possible. It only means we’ll have to come back with a larger party and eat MORE! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks! The quality isn’t that great because I kept wanting to dive right into the food the moment it got to our table! :p

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