Foodie Friday: Brunch Edition

Like all other bloggers, I love brunch. I can’t help it! Waffles, toast, eggs, bacon, teas, coffees! The list just goes on!! I guess when you live in LA, THE thing to do on the weekend is go have brunch. Can’t complain though, it’s just something I always want to do on my weekends.

Below are pictures of my meals, from homemade to my favorite local spots! 🙂

Homemade avocado toast (on Pom Pom at Home crown dishware)
Breakfast salad, pot pie, lemonade, and chocolate scone at Lincoln Pasadena


Chai tea latte at Zinc Cafe
Our feast at Zinc Cafe
Dumplings and noodle soup at Hui Tou Xiang

As you can see, brunch comes in all different forms. There’s something for everyone!

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