Foodie Friday

Afters Ice Cream in Pasadena, CA

I recently discovered this place (don’t know why) but it’s absolutely scrumptious, delicious, amazing! I don’t think I know enough words to describe it. The ice cream flavors are super yummy and they offer these things called Milky Buns which are pretty much like glazed donuts filled with your choice of ice cream and topping. So far, I’ve tried the jasmine milk tea (purple one) and the milk and cereal flavor. Both of which are amazing! They haven’t done me wrong yet so I’m going to be a frequent visitor!




Urth Caffe in Pasadena, CA

Came here for a healthy brunch with a friend and my sis one weekend. See how much green I had? I was awfully proud of myself but I’m sure I ended up having a burger for dinner or something anyways. At least I tried, right? Anyways, I love coming here for their green tea latte, which is great hot or cold! They have tons of desserts and pastries which I’ve heard are also delicious! After our yummy brunch, we went out to explore the local Container Store.


Homemade Goodness by Moi!

I had some avocados that were getting pretty ripe and some radishes that needed to be eaten asap so what better way to use them than to make avocado toast?! I know everyone is eating avocado toasts right now and they’re trending but they really are delicious! There’s a reason why everyone eats them! Another plus is that they’re healthy. I need a more substantial toast, so I like adding some egg to them as well. See below! 🙂 IMG_5908

Dodger Dog at Dodger Stadium

Went to a baseball game just last night after I haven’t been in over 10 years! I knew that I had to have the infamous Dodger Dog, nachos, and garlic fries, which I happily succeeded! The boyfriend got me the Cuban dog, since the Dodgers were playing Miami last night and it was pretty good! Especially since I was starving by then! However, I was ready to knock out when it was barely the 3rd inning…


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