Foodie Friday


Went to the county fair over the past weekend and had fried foods galore! We had your must-have fair foods from hot dogs, roasted corn, nachos, to DEEP FRIED OREOS! I was completely stuffed that day but also found room in my tummy to inhale a huge root beer float! I think it was the only meal I had for the day, but it was all worth it. This is the reason why I go to the gym, right?IMG_3800


Since we gorged on junk food at the fair on Saturday, we decided to go for a healthy brunch on Sunday. I had been wanting to try Amara’s Kitchen in Highland Park, Los Angeles, so what better time?!

My sister and I decided to share the paleo pancakes which came with strawberries, whipped cream, and pistachio as toppings. Drizzle some maple syrup on it and the dish is complete! Even though these had the whipped cream and syrup on them, I still felt like they were the healthiest pancakes I’ve ever had! We also shared the green eggs, which had poached eggs, pesto, and a variety of veggies, such as sweet potato chips, greens, cabbage, and avocado. We added on some iced teas and their Dandy Latte to complete our meal! Felt like I erased all the fried stuff I had eaten the day before!


IMG_3824 IMG_3826 IMG_3828

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