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Belle’s Bagels in Highland Park, Los Angeles

I heard from my coworker that there was a bagel window that recently opened out of a billiards bar so I knew I had to try it soon! I went on a Saturday morning with my sister to grab a couple of bagels before we started our day. It was just as my coworker described it, a bagel window! They have a variety of bagels, bagel sandwiches, shmears, etc. I chose the everything bagel with scallion schmear and my sister got one of their sandwiches. They also provide bagels with lox so I’ll definitely try that next time!

The bagel was freshly made so the center was doughy and chewy which is something I really liked about it. I wished that it was toasted a little more but it may have something to do with having to drive it back home to eat. Will be coming back!



Smorgasburg in Downtown, Los Angeles

I’ve been hearing and seeing posts about Smorgasburg NONSTOP for the past few weeks so I really wanted to check it out! I was so glad that my friend made plans to go because I had been dying to go anways! 🙂

It’s a little flea market/food festival that happens every Sunday morning in the LA produce market courtyard. I thought it was such a cool place to hold it and going early helps with beating the crowd. I did a walk-around with my friend so that we can scan all of the vendors before deciding on what we really wanted to eat. Needless to say, we ended up eating a majority of the foods there anyways. We had the pork belly paratha tacos, Strawberry rose aqua fresca, hainan chicken, mozarella sticks, lobster nachos, acai bowl, and probably more but I can’t remember what.

If you’re free on Sunday mornings and STARVING, check it out!





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