Foodie Friday

Kitchen Mouse in Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA

My sister and I have been trying to eat better and have a more active lifestyle so even during weekend brunch, we try to make sure our options are on the healthier side. Sometimes we’re successful, sometimes we’re not but on this particular weekend, we did pretty good! We chose to have brunch at Kitchen Mouse which is a vegetarian and vegan friendly spot with the cutest decor! I got the black bean cakes with slaw on the side and my sister got the chilaquiles. I actually really liked my black bean cakes. The slaw was good but a little too tart for me. I’d have to say it is on the pricier side but I really like how fresh the food was and how good I felt after! 🙂


Magpies in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, CA

I have been seeing this place all over my social media feed so I knew I had to try it soon! It’s a new soft serve ice cream spot that offers seasonal flavors and delicious toppings. I dragged my friends here so that I could dig into some creamy soft serve ice cream and satisfy my ice cream craving that I seem to have EVERYDAY. I got the sweet cream with the hazelnut wafers and almond brittle. I have two words, “LOVE IT”.

IMG_6766 IMG_6768

626 Night Market at the Santa Anita Race Tracks

I went to the 626 Night Market just recently and it’s a huge food festival that features vendors that offer Asian fusion foods or eateries that are located in Alhambra/Monterey Park. It is super big so of course I didn’t get to try everything but I did get one of my favorite things in the world, TAKOYAKIS. Takoyakis are Japanese snacks that are little balls of batter with squid in the middle and toppings such as bonito shavings, green onions, seaweed, mayo, etc. I have to have it whenever I see it so I knew that the 626 Night Market would definitely have it. I’m going again soon to accompany a friend that wants to go, so I guess I’ll be having more and trying other things!

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