Beanie and Grey Tunic Sweater

I wore this grey sweater tunic over some black skinny jeans for a very comfy outfit for brunch. It doesn’t really make sense for me to post up an outfit like this right now since it’s been super hot in LA but I promise I only took these pictures a short while ago! The weather has been so up and down that one week it’s super cold and then the next, it’s scorching hot! Anyways, since I already took pictures of this outfit, why not post it for you guys in case the weather cools down again?! You never know when you need outfit inspiration for cooler weather!

I find that if you were something baggy on top, make sure to wear something tighter on the bottom. It’s all about balance, so if you wear something baggy on the bottom like boyfriend jeans or something, make sure you wear a more form fitting or light top. Petite gals like myself would be overwhelmed and drown in fabric if we don’t create a little balance with what we wear. Now if I were to wear this tunic with culottes or flared jeans, it would make me look pretty ridiculous. But then again, you don’t need to follow a set of rules to what you wear! Sometimes, the things you least expect to look good on you, do! These are just things that I find look best on me!

My jeans are often too long on me so it helps to do a small cuff at the bottom to bare a little leg. Add on a pair of booties that match the color of your pants and voila! You elongate your legs and stand just a little taller, or so it may seem… 🙂


Grey Tunic (Similar HERE)| Black Jeans| Black Booties (Similar HERE)| Satchel (Similar HERE)| Beanie (Similar HERE)

La Vie En Rose



I’m not a very ‘girly girl’ but I do appreciate a touch of soft pinks here and there to add some femininity to an outfit. Seeing as Valentine’s Day is here in just a couple of weeks, I wanted to compile some pieces that would be perfect if you wanted to be a little festive for that day! I usually love rose gold and soft blush accessories to pair with my outfits. I especially love very edgy pieces such as a structured bag or bomber jacket so that I’m still wearing modern, sleek pieces but having it be a nice shade of pink just adds that soft touch to it.

It’s kind of funny because when I was a little girl, I wanted EVERYTHING pink. I loved the Pink Power Ranger, my bed was pink, and I had a little fuzzy pink arm chair.

Seychelles Quake Ruffle Sneakers • Seychelles
Michael Kors Cooper 39mm Bracelet Strap Watch • Michael Kors
Sole Society Karlie Faux Leather Bucket Bag – Pink • Sole Society
Women’s Socialite Strap Front Tee • Socialite
Chloe Small Drew Leather Shoulder Bag – Black • Chloé
Women’s Quay Australia Cherry Bomb 60Mm Sunglasses – Rose Gold/ Pink • Quay
Iris and Ink Pussy-bow silk-georgette blouse • Iris and Ink
Hudson Gene Bomber Jacket, Trooper Green • Hudson
Women’s Steve Madden ‘Christey’ Wraparound Ankle Tie Sandal • Steve Madden

Little Striped Dress

During our trip in New Zealand, we stayed at a small beach cottage in Tauranga and after researching things that we could see or do around the area, I found that everyone mentioned the Mt Maunganui Summit hike. For some reason, I got the impression that the hike was leisurely, so I wore my Converse sneakers and a comfy dress for it. Big mistake.

It was a very difficult hike for me, which may be slightly more leisurely for others due to my asthma. Nonetheless, we kept at it and finally made it to the top after a while. It was so worth it. The views were spectacular and pictures really don’t do it justice. Probably because I had a huge sense of accomplishment after completing the hike, but either way, it’s a must see!



Striped Dress (Similar HERE and HERE)| Sneakers

All You Need Is Love


I love finding cool murals and backdrops around the city but I particularly ‘love’ this one because of the simplicity of it, yet it conveys such a profound message. With everything that’s going on in the world and violence that occurs each and everyday, a little bit of love can go a long way.

I was feeling particularly sick that day but I made myself get out of the house to grab some soup for lunch and make a pit stop at this beautiful wall. It definitely brightened my day up a bit with all of it’s bold colors.





White T-shirt| Black Vest (Similar HERE and HERE)| Sandals (Similar HERE)| Tasseled Clutch|

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Back to School Supplies

Now, I haven’t been in school for a while but I can still appreciate the excitement for buying fresh new school supplies! It was always my favorite part of going back to school, even though just a few days into a new school year, I was already sick of it and want vacation. To lessen the sadness of Summer vacation ending, I looked forward to stocking up on the cutest school supplies! If I were to still attend school, these would be my picks to make sure I had the coolest stuff!

Check them out! 🙂


Father’s Day Gift Guide *Under $100

Father’s Day is just around the corner and I know most of us are scrambling to figure out what to get Pops! I generally take my dad out to dinner and try to find concert tickets for him because he’s a big music guy, but if you’re stumped on what to get good ol’ dad, here are a few suggestions I’ve come up with! And on the plus side, these are all $100 or less! I know I’m always on a tight budget.