Instagram Recap

I haven’t written an Instagram Recap post in a while but here’s a new one! I’ve done quite a bit since the last recap post but I chose some of the more recent ones just in case you saw it on my Instagram and was wondering where some of the pieces are from! Check out the deets below! 🙂

7.13.16 (2)

Tory Burch Crossbody Purse| Quay Sunglasses

Went to brunch with my sister at Amara Kitchen in Highland Park and got a shot of the beautiful dishes and my accessories for the day!

7.13.16 (3)

White Tank| Ripped Jeans| Double Strap Sandals (Similar HERE)| Tory Burch Crossbody| Quay Sunglasses

Nothing like wearing a tank and jeans to run around doing errands and relaxing!

7.13.16 (4)

JCrew Stripe Top| Distressed Denim Shorts (Similar HERE)| Tory Burch Crossbody

I love the ruffle sleeve details on this stripe blouse!

Instagram Recap

Been up to quite a bit since my last Instagram Recap post but that’s what recaps are for! Went to a Dodger Game, tons of brunch, and Button Mash. I really can’t wait for Summer to come because I have tons planned already. From outdoor concerts, weekend trips, and exploring more eateries, the plans are rolling in!

Take a look below to see what I’ve been up to! Outfit details are provided underneath each picture.


Military Jacket (Similar Here and Here)| White Shirt| Black Jeans| Shoes| Purse (Similar Here)|


Black Tank| Boyfriend Jeans (Similar Here and Here)| Purse| Flats (Similar Here and Here)|


Hat| Shirt (Similar Here)| Pants (Similar Here)| Sandals (Similar Here and Here)|

12976640_1148561991832560_369148120_n (1)Purse

Instagram Recaps

Here’s a recap of some of my Instagram pictures from the past couple of weeks! Some of these are pictures from my Arizona trip, which I will also be posting about soon!

Links to the clothing pieces I wore will be provided below each picture! Enjoy! 🙂


Shoes (SIMILAR HERE)| Leggings


Shoes| Jeans| Sweater| Cardigan (SIMILAR HERE)


Jacket (SIMILAR HERE)| Jeans| Cardigan (SIMILAR HERE)| Boots| Shirt

3.22.16 (1)

Dress (SIMILAR HERE)| Shoes| Jacket (SIMILAR HERE)| Purse


Instagram Recaps

I usually post a lot of quick outfits on Instagram and often get questions about where I get some of my clothes from. So I wanted to start recapping some of my Instagram posts every so often and provide links to where I get some of my clothes from! I know I’m always looking at other Instagram accounts and when they don’t provide information on where they get their clothes from, it makes me sad. And I don’t want you guys to be sad so here you go!
Here are some of my outfits from the past couple of weeks!



Dress| Purse| Sandals|





Fringe Top| Jeans| Purse| Flats (SIMILAR HERE)| Sunglasses (SIMILAR HERE)



Jeans| Flats (SIMILAR HERE)|