Museum of Ice Cream

I went with some friends to visit the ever so popular Museum of Ice Cream! We jumped on getting tickets to this the moment we heard it was coming to Los Angeles. Ice cream is one of the best things in the world and I couldn’t possibly miss a whole museum of it! The Museum of Ice Cream is a temporary exhibit but due to its popularity, it’s time here has been extended a couple of times. If you haven’t gone yet, I recommend going as soon as you can get your hands on the tickets!

We had tons of yummy treats and really had a surprisingly fun time in the sprinkle pool! I was a little hesitant when I first heard about the pool, but I really did enjoy it! 🙂 Just a warning, you’ll find sprinkles wedged in your clothes when you get home!

Cardigan (Similar HERE)| Blouse| Jeans| Booties| Bucket Bag

Exploring Parks

The Los Angeles State Historic Park recently went through a makeover and we really wanted to check it out. The fiance and I used to take our dog, Zooey, there for walks. It was just a nice open space with trails for us to take her on walks so we were really disappointed when the city had to close it down for construction. Now, it’s got a great new look with a cool bridge in the center that gives you an amazing view of Downtown!

As per usual, I am found in a white blouse and denim, but at least this time, they are denim SHORTS! That counts as changing things up right? Either way, I made sure to be comfy for a hot day in LA. I paired my outfit with some relaxed criss crossed slides that made it perfect for roaming around with ease!


Blouse| Shorts (Similar HERE)| Slides (Similar HERE)| Bucket Bag (Similar HERE)|

Sitting Outside Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

I love bakeries for the obvious reasons (yummy pastries) but I love Mr. Holmes in Highland Park in particular because of the cool white and gold exterior! It made for a great backdrop for my pictures! If you ever have the chance to visit, I highly recommend their donuts! They are famous for their cruffins, which is a hybrid of a croissant and muffin, but donuts always have a special place in my heart so that is my pastry of choice. It’s also a great place to hang out at because of the really aesthetic pleasing decor! There’s a neat neon sign inside, which I’m sure you’ve seen before and perfectly curated chairs and seating for your sitting pleasures!


Long Black Cardigan| Black Denim Shorts| White Tank (Similar HERE)| Sandals (Similar HERE)| Black Bucket Bag (Similar HERE)

Beanie and Grey Tunic Sweater

I wore this grey sweater tunic over some black skinny jeans for a very comfy outfit for brunch. It doesn’t really make sense for me to post up an outfit like this right now since it’s been super hot in LA but I promise I only took these pictures a short while ago! The weather has been so up and down that one week it’s super cold and then the next, it’s scorching hot! Anyways, since I already took pictures of this outfit, why not post it for you guys in case the weather cools down again?! You never know when you need outfit inspiration for cooler weather!

I find that if you were something baggy on top, make sure to wear something tighter on the bottom. It’s all about balance, so if you wear something baggy on the bottom like boyfriend jeans or something, make sure you wear a more form fitting or light top. Petite gals like myself would be overwhelmed and drown in fabric if we don’t create a little balance with what we wear. Now if I were to wear this tunic with culottes or flared jeans, it would make me look pretty ridiculous. But then again, you don’t need to follow a set of rules to what you wear! Sometimes, the things you least expect to look good on you, do! These are just things that I find look best on me!

My jeans are often too long on me so it helps to do a small cuff at the bottom to bare a little leg. Add on a pair of booties that match the color of your pants and voila! You elongate your legs and stand just a little taller, or so it may seem… 🙂


Grey Tunic (Similar HERE)| Black Jeans| Black Booties (Similar HERE)| Satchel (Similar HERE)| Beanie (Similar HERE)

Another White Blouse, Another Pair of Jeans


I wore this simple outfit to go visit my grandma at the cemetery and run some errands with my sister. You’ll usually find me in a white blouse and jeans- it’s just a combination that I love and I feel like it’s so classic and easy. For petite gals like me, cuff the jeans to show off your ankles. I find that it tends to elongate me a little bit more. A little tuck of the shirt in the front will also help, which is why you see BOTH tips being used in my outfit. Applying both of these rules helps to make my clothes look more fitted to my body. Most of the time, blouses and pants are way too long on me so I have to do a little extra to have them fit me better.

It was a pretty sunny day so I threw on a cute black floppy hat to protect me from the sun. It’s not like I’m super sensitive with the sun or I’m trying to keep from tanning but I work in an office 5 days a week and barely go out until the weekend, so I always feel like it’s so bright out! 😛 Plus, my hair was really messy so a cute hat really helps with that problem.

White blouse (Similar HERE and HERE)| Jeans| Crossbody purse| Floppy hat (Similar HERE)| Espadrilles| Sunglasses (Similar HERE and HERE)

A Morning at The Broad Museum

The Broad Museum has been in LA for quite some time now and we finally went to see it! It was  very quick visit since the museum is not that big but it was a great way to spend our Saturday morning! I especially love the building itself! It has this wavy look to it and makes for a great backdrop! It was a pretty warm day, so I threw on a pink silky slip dress, a long cardigan, and sneakers. There’s nothing like wearing something feminine like a pink dress and then pairing it with some cool, comfy sneakers! I love the contrast and a slip dress could easily be dressed up or down. In this case, I dressed it down for a cute weekend look!


Dress (Similar HERE)| Cardigan| Sneakers| Purse (Similar HERE)|

Slingback Block Heels


I have been loving block heels lately because they give me a little height and dresses up my outfit, while also still being comfortable for every day wear! I purchased these from Zara and they have a little bow detail on the front for a chic touch! For my outfit, I went with my usual go-to; a white blouse and distressed jeans.


White Blouse (Similar HERE)| Jeans| Shoes (Similar HERE)| Purse (Similar HERE)

Longline Cardigan

I have always loved light cardigans from regular ones to chunky ones to long ones. I find it so simple to throw over your outfit, especially because I’m always cold. Even when it’s sunny out, I like the security of taking a cardigan with me just in case! This particular one is from Target and I love that it’s lightweight and a longline length. There are also slits on the side so it just falls and flows so beautifully. I also find that a longline cardigan tends to lengthen me a little more. Just as long as it hits me at the knees.

Longline Black Cardigan| Jeans| Bow Mules (Similar HERE)| Hat (Similar HERE)| Bucket Bag (Similar HERE)| Grey Charcoal Tee

The Neon Museum

During our little weekend in Vegas, we decided to do and see things that we normally don’t. At the top of my list was the Neon Museum, which features old neon lights from the strip. It was such a cool experience to hear the stories of Old Vegas, the science behind neon lights, and the people associated with it. I really learned a lot of cool facts during the hour tour that we took.

The guide really encouraged us to take as many pictures as we could and helped us with the best picture angles with the signs. I loved it so much and highly recommend visiting this spot! Just remember to make reservations ahead of time because they tend to sell out!



Pink Trousers and Camel Coat


We went to Vegas one weekend to get out of town and escape the rain in LA, only to find that it was also raining there! Even though the weather wasn’t too great on the first day, we still enjoyed our time just relaxing at the spa, eating brunch, and then going to the Baz Show at the Palazzo. I wanted to get some pictures outside while there was a little break from the rain but we couldn’t make our way out in time and then it started raining right when we started getting some shots in! So forgive my wet outfit and hair!

I purchased these trouser pants recently for a more tailored look while also being comfy. I love these mauve pink pants because they are a little more color than I usually wear and they fit just perfectly! Topshop is a great place for petite gals because they offer shorter length bottoms, so I highly recommend!


Pants| Sweater| Coat (Similar HERE)| Shoes (Similar HERE)