Smile Brightly For the Holidays + Giveaway

The holidays are upon us and I’m sure you have parties either with work, friends, or family lined up already! And then right after the Xmas parties, New Years Eve is next! With so many festivities coming up, everyone wants to look their best. I know I do! One of the things I used to be most self conscious about was my smile. I used to have pretty crooked teeth until maybe about a couple of years ago. I spent some money and time to do Invisalign to straighten my teeth and really try my best to take care of them now. They aren’t super super straight but much better than they used to be! My next venture was to whiten them!
I do drink a TON of tea so my teeth aren’t the whitest which I have thought about getting fixed with professional whitening. Especially around this time of year, I’m consuming tons of chai teas, Pumpkin spiced lattes, and just teas in general so the staining is at a high! Then I was approached by Smile Brilliant and learned about their whitening system. I was very intrigued by being able to create trays that fit my teeth perfectly (like Invisalign) so that it maximizes the whitening! I also love that they provide a desensitizing gel so that gum sensitivity isn’t too bad. I know this was something I was concerned about until I learned more about how Smile Brilliant prevents that.
Because it’s colder now and it gets darker earlier, I really spend a lot of time at home in the evenings. I generally try to whiten before bed, so I’ll put them on with the whitening gel and just either work on my blog, read a book, or just catch up on some shows. After creating my trays and using the system consistently, I have noticed that some of the stains on my teeth have gotten better! It’s definitely something I want to continue using and I’m so excited to show my pearly whites and flash my smile at all of the upcoming holiday parties!







So that you could also have perfectly pearly whites for the new year (NEW YEAR, NEW SMILE!), I partnered up with Smile Brilliant to host a giveaway so that a lucky winner can try a set of their whitening system ($139 value)! The Giveaway is open to US, UK, Australian, and Canadian residents. The winner will be contacted via email in 2 weeks.



ALSO, if you want to purchase your own kit, here is a 10% off discount code: petiteandhungry10.

*A big thank you to Smile Brilliant for doing what their name says, making my smile brilliant and bright! This post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant, but I have used this product for a couple of weeks and will continue to use it. All opinions are my own.

Tooth Whitening Gel

Nature Queen

I’ve been using Nature Queen‘s shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks in between my usual shampoo and conditioner, so I wanted to let you know how it’s been going! Nature Queen hair products contain natural herbs and helps to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and doesn’t dry out your scalp. I’ve been trying to make sure I’m selective about my beauty products, so I try to use shampoos that are natural without any harsh chemicals that may dry out my scalp or cause hair loss. I find that when I don’t use better hair products, my hair falls out a lot more.

Nature Queen‘s products smell like a spa to me! Which I love! If you like herbal and floral scents, you’ll probably like this. After using it, I do honestly feel like my hair is silkier and there’s more volume. I’ll continue using it to see if the results get better as time goes by but since I’ve been using it at least once a week, I’m sure my hair will continue to be healthy! I only wash my hair twice a week because it gets really dry if I wash it more than that. So I’ll use Nature Queen one day and the other day, I’ll use Organix. That way, my hair doesn’t get too used to the same product.


Thanks Nature Queen for sponsoring this post!

*All opinions are my own.

My Favorite Nude and Pink Lipsticks


I often carry this in my purse when I go out for evening events or things where I have to dress up a little more. This velvetine matte lipstick does what it says and dries matte, while also staying on for a good amount of time! That way, I don’t really have to worry about reapplying unless I eat. Sometimes, matte lip creams tend to be really drying but I like Limecrime’s formula because it’s really smooth and doesn’t dry out my lips. I also love the cool nude color on my skin tone. I’ve seen this on other skin tones and I noticed that it does translate different on other people but it still really does look good on everyone!



I am all for affordable drugstore lipsticks and this is one of my favorite pink ones. It’s matte, which is great and is a light pink. The smell is somewhat sweet and although it’s matte, I find it still very moisturizing.


Here’s another drugstore lipstick. I got this as a gift and totally fell in love with it. It’s a warm pink/nude color that has a little shine to it. It is more moisturizing and smoother than the matte lipsticks I have and I just think it’s really pretty!



This is something I always carry in my purse. It’s almost like a tinted matte lip balm, so it has a pretty color but is also very soft and smooth. There is a minty smell to it, so if you’re not a mint fan, I wouldn’t recommend it. I really like it and it’s perfect for when I feel like my lips are too barren or even if I need a little moisture.



I love how natural this looks on my skin tone and is a beautiful soft nude color. Like the other Maybelline lipstick I listed above, this one is also moisturizing and smooth.