Pink Trousers and Camel Coat


We went to Vegas one weekend to get out of town and escape the rain in LA, only to find that it was also raining there! Even though the weather wasn’t too great on the first day, we still enjoyed our time just relaxing at the spa, eating brunch, and then going to the Baz Show at the Palazzo. I wanted to get some pictures outside while there was a little break from the rain but we couldn’t make our way out in time and then it started raining right when we started getting some shots in! So forgive my wet outfit and hair!

I purchased these trouser pants recently for a more tailored look while also being comfy. I love these mauve pink pants because they are a little more color than I usually wear and they fit just perfectly! Topshop is a great place for petite gals because they offer shorter length bottoms, so I highly recommend!


Pants| Sweater| Coat (Similar HERE)| Shoes (Similar HERE)

Off Shoulder at LACMA

I often find myself not enjoying a lot of the beautiful sights and attractions that LA has to offer, so I’m making it a goal to visit different spots in LA. We live in such a lively and fast paced city, but because I’ve lived here my entire life, I often take the weather, the beauty for granted. We went to visit LACMA a few weekends ago so that I could finally see that giant rock art installation called Levitated Mass in person. I really thought it was the coolest thing even though some may say it’s just a big rock sitting on a concrete canal. Yes, that’s what it is, but it’s still pretty amazing.

I wore my new off shoulder blouse from J.Crew, new shoes, and had some time to make my hair look a little nicer. One mistake though, was trying to break in my new shoes while walking around. Definitely paid for that with some cuts and blisters.





Off Shoulder Blouse| Jeans| Colorblock Pumps|

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All Black

This outfit came out of pure laziness. I wanted to look slightly put together yet leisurely all at once so I paired this lovely black blouse with split sleeves with a pair of joggers. Just throw on some comfy flats or mules and you’re good to go! I love this because I’m incredibly comfy but it’s still acceptable for going about my day. I just got some shopping, brunch, and some errands done that day.


Black Blouse (Similar HERE)| Black Joggers (Similar HERE)| Pointed Toe Mules (Similar HERE)| Leather Satchel (Similar HERE)

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Malibu Winery Tour

My sister and I took our parents to the Malibu Wine Safari Tour a little while ago. We thought it would be a great family activity to do together one weekend and I’d have to say that it was a success! My parents loved the animals we got to see, the wine tastings, and the cute little vintage trailer display. It was pretty chilly that day so I was glad that I wore a sweater and boots. I saw a few girls on the tour that wore shorts and were covered in goosebumps. Super happy with my outfit decision! Just threw on a hat and some sunglasses and I was ready for the safari!

Cardigan (Similar HERE)| Tshirt| Jeans| Boots| Hat (Similar HERE)

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Chambray Blouse and Mules

Here is an outfit comprised of things that I love. A soft button up blouse, ripped denim, and slip on mules. They make it so easy to put an outfit together and I feel like it creates such an effortless look. We went out for brunch and walked around shopping, so I didn’t really need to dress up too much and wanted to be able to walk around comfortably. These mules are one of my favorite pieces right now. They are so easy to throw on and even though they’re super comfy, I feel like they also dress up any outfit. The faux leather, the bow details, and the pointed toe really makes it feel chic and expensive (but they really weren’t. Thanks for your great shoe selection, Zara!).


Blouse (Similar HERE)| Jeans| Mules (Similar HERE)| Purse (Similar HERE)|

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Lace Up Sweater

I’m sure you’ve seen lace up sweaters and shirts everywhere these days. I recently purchased this one from Madewell because I love the texture on it and that there’s a panel behind the lace so that I don’t have to worry about giving someone an eyeful of my ‘girlies’. The sweater is also hooded which gives it such a laid back and casual feel.

If you’re wondering about my expression in the picture above, my sister was taking pictures for me and she made fun of my poses so I gave her a stinky face! Ahhh….sisterly love, right?


Madewell Lace Up Sweater| Brown Satchel (SIMILAR HERE)| Boots|

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Little Striped Dress

During our trip in New Zealand, we stayed at a small beach cottage in Tauranga and after researching things that we could see or do around the area, I found that everyone mentioned the Mt Maunganui Summit hike. For some reason, I got the impression that the hike was leisurely, so I wore my Converse sneakers and a comfy dress for it. Big mistake.

It was a very difficult hike for me, which may be slightly more leisurely for others due to my asthma. Nonetheless, we kept at it and finally made it to the top after a while. It was so worth it. The views were spectacular and pictures really don’t do it justice. Probably because I had a huge sense of accomplishment after completing the hike, but either way, it’s a must see!



Striped Dress (Similar HERE and HERE)| Sneakers

Plaid, Fringe, and Green Grassy Hills

I wore my Madewell fringe cardigan yet again! It was definitely a lifesaver for me during the trip since it was the heaviest sweater/outerwear piece I brought on the trip with me and some nights got kind of chilly! Anyways, New Zealand was not short on tons of green grassy hills, sheep, and cows. Everything was so picturesque that even getting a picture on the side of the road looks amazing!

This was when we were on our way to visit the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. I wish I could have gotten pictures of those caves for you guys but we weren’t allowed to take any photos so that the caves and wildlife are preserved. I do highly recommend those tours if you ever decide to go, they are very well worth the experience and perfect to add onto any bucket list!


Fringed cardigan| Grid button up blouse (Similar HERE)| Sneakers

Cozy Cardigan with Fringed Details

I wore this outfit on our first day in New Zealand. I’ll be working on more travel posts so that you could see all of the sights we saw and activities we did! Because we pretty much just got off the plane and went to our first hotel on Waiheke Island, I just wore a simple white t-shirt, jeans, my bucket bag, and this Madewell cardigan.

I bought this recently because I am in love with anything with fringes and tassels. Add some coziness in there and I’m sold! This was a perfect piece to bring with me during our travels for days that were cooler than expected.

Fringed Cardigan| Jeans| Black Bucket Bag (Similar HERE)

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How I Find the Right Jeans as a Petite Girl

Hello everyone! I recently got a question on where I get my jeans from and if I have any shopping tips for other petite gals! So here is a dedicated post on my own personal strategies on jean shopping and where my favorites are from!

TIP #1: Know your measurements. In other words, your inseam.

It’s important that when you’re shopping for jeans or for anything in that matter, that you know your measurements and size. Your inseam is important when it comes to finding jeans in the right length. The inseam is the measurement from the crotch to the bottom of the leg. A lot of times, the tag will let you know the inseam and it’s especially important if you’re going to try to shop for jeans online, since you can’t really try them on right away. I know mine is approximately 27 inches and I’m around 4’11″/ 5′ tall.

TIP #2: Find a brand or store that offers petite sizes

This is probably the first step you should take so that you don’t waste time shopping in stores that don’t even offer shorter lengths. I am guilty of searching and searching for hours only to find that most of the places I looked don’t even have petite sizes. My recommendations are Topshop, American Eagle, Asos, and GAP. I know more high end brands like Paige and Citizens of Humanity also carry petite jeans. I tend to stick with more affordable options because I haven’t gotten the courage to expand my budget just yet.

TIP #3: Buy Cropped Jeans

If finding petite sizes fails, another tip I have is to buy regular cropped jeans. I find that these land right around my ankles which is perfect. My inseam is around 27 inches so I find that a lot of cropped jeans are around that length. Getting a pair of cropped jeans and just wearing them as regular jeans saves you time from going to the tailor and I love saving time and money! 🙂

TIP#4: Get a good tailor

Oftentimes, your shopping experience will be unsuccessful with finding the perfect pair of jeans. In times like these, you need to find yourself a great tailor that can help alter your clothes. When I buy a pair of jeans that I really really like but they are completely way too long for me, I take them to my trusty lady and she works her magic on them!

Below are some of my outfits in a few of my favorite jeans. I’ll list where I got each of them from underneath the pictures and show some really good ones I found online for you to shop!


Light blue jeggings with ripped knees from American Eagle.


Blue Leigh jeans with knee slits from Topshop


Distressed black boyfriend jeans from Zara

7.13.16 (3)

Light blue jeans with ripped knees from American Eagle


Black distressed jeans with thigh slits from Asos


Distressed boyfriend jeans from Tobi

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Good luck with shopping! 🙂