Off the Grid



I don’t really wear a lot of prints so I generally stick to very simple prints that don’t overwhelm me. Sometimes when I wear large and bold prints, it tends to drown me and make me look even smaller than I already am. If you’re petite like me, try to keep the print small and minimal. I love this button up top with a very sleek grid print. It’s also super comfy and light so when I’m running around town doing errands on a hot day, this is something I automatically gravitate towards.

img_7251 img_7253



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Style Spotlight: Sweater Weather


It’s the first day of Autumn and even though the weather doesn’t exactly permit it in LA yet, I’m completely ready to transition to a fall wardrobe! Fall for me means tons and tons of comfy knitted sweaters and cardigans. I love being able to easily throw on a soft oversized sweater over a pair of jeans and call it a day! They don’t call it sweater weather for nothing! Check out some of my picks below!

Shiny Black Shoes



I’m so excited that fall is just around the corner! I can already smell the pumpkin spice lattes in the air! Actually, I’ve already had two in the last week or so… You can’t blame a girl! Anyways, what I’m most excited about is being able to transition to my fall wardrobe. There’s nothing like wearing comfy sweaters, scarves, and boots everyday. Makes me feel super cozy and relaxed. When we got a taste of fall the other day, I wore a lightweight trench coat, boyfriend jeans, and my new shiny black patent mules! I’ve been trying to figure out how to wear these shoes and I figured they looked best on me with a relaxed pair of jeans because of the contrast.





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Foodie Friday


CINESPIA in Los Angeles, CA

This was my first time attending Cinespia and I loved it! I usually like outdoor movies anyway but watching it at a cemetery really adds something to it! Cinespia is an outdoor movie event that happens every weekend during the Summer at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The first time I heard about this was from the movie, ‘Valentine’s Day’ but my coworker goes several times each Summer so she’s an expert on it! Another coworker and I attended with her and her friends to watch ’16 Candles’ last Saturday evening and we got the scoop on exactly what to do! She said to bring low beach chairs (you are not allowed to bring camping chairs), some food and wine, and blankets- also arrive early because you’ll have to wait in line to enter the cemetery.

When we were able to enter, we walked through the cemetery and made our way to the mausoleum where they project the movie against a huge wall and we sit on a large grass area. They also set up a themed set where you can take professional pictures in and they post it up on their website. I really enjoyed sitting outside (in a cemetery) and watching a fun movie. It’s very LA. 🙂

Below is our spread for the evening! My coworker has a small collapsable table that she always brings and we had cure meats, cheeses, pesto, bread, donuts, wine, grapes, and tons of more food! Definitely an impressive spread, right?!




CBS SEAFOOD AND DIMSUM at Chinatown, Los Angeles

I went with my parents on Sunday morning to grab some dimsum. I am always up for dumplings and tea, so this was perfect for Sunday brunch! We usually come here and order tons of steamed foods with tea. This was only the first few things we got before I scarfed down on all the food and they were not picture worthy anymore.


GARDEN CAFE in Alhambra, Los Angeles

Sometimes, I really just want something hearty and cheesy. I know this may sound weird, but I usually crave this dish that is a baked sole fillet in mushroom cream sauce and cheese. People usually don’t combine fish with cheese but this is to die for! It’s one of my favorite things. It’s pretty heavy, but you can always have it the next day. It’s still just as good! Garden Cafe is a typical Asian cafe with a variety of Chinese and Taiwanese foods. It’s one of those spots that you can come late at night for some good hearty and greasy food.


Light Blue Off Shoulder Dress


I felt like a glamorous 70s movie star in this dress because of the beautiful soft blue color, pleats, and the off shoulders. I’m following the crowd when I say that I’m currently obsessed with off the shoulder items right now. It’s just so feminine and beautifully shows off your neckline in such an elegant way. I love the details of this dress from the ‘scalloped’ edges, pleats, and tiers. There’s also something so retro about it which makes it even more irresistible!


img_7127 img_7132


Light Blue Off Shoulder Dress| Strappy Blue Sandals (Similar HERE)

*Special thanks to for this beautiful dress and making me feel glamorous for the day!

Home Finds: Accent Chairs


Sometimes when you have a very minimal room with neutral colors, a great way to add something fun and funky is by adding really cool accent chairs or seats! The easy thing is that they can quickly be switched out depending on what look you’re going for. From cool prints to bold colors or unique shapes, you have tons of options to choose from. All you have to be sure about is that they’re comfy and sturdy enough to sit on! Can’t have a chair that you can’t even sit on!

Photo Credit: Chatelaine
Photo Credit: Domino
Photo Credit: Daily Dream Decor

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Foodie Friday: Chi Spacca


CHI SPACCA in Los Angeles, CA

I took the boyfriend to Chi Spacca for his birthday since it’s a spot we have been dying to go to. It is on the pricey side so I wanted to save up for it, but boy was it worth it! This has got to be one of my favorite restaurants now and we’re already planning to come back sometime in the near future! Check out my thoughts on each plate below!

Spacca Culatello: This was so melt-in-your-mouth delicious! From the burrata to the cure meat, it was such a great first dish! They bring the burrata in from Italy every week so it’s super fresh and cure the meat in house (I believe, I saw a bunch of cuts hanging behind the kitchen).
Focaccia di Recco: If you love a good ol’ bread basket, you’ll fall in love with this dish. It blows all of the other bread dishes out of the water! It is almost like a pizza but super flaky and has cheese INSIDE! It’s cheesy, salty, greasy, and just perfect. It’s a must-have!
Spacca Caesar: With all of the carbs and meats, we needed to add on a vegetable dish of some sort, so the Caesar salad was our choice. The dressy is super creamy and I love that they use sliced pieces of cauliflower in the salad. It gives us such a great flavor and crunch! The boyfriend said that if people made salads like these more often, he’d actually be happy with eating salad for a meal!
Beef & Bone Marrow Pie and Tomahawk Porkchop: These two plates were enough to feed at least 6 people but we got it for just the two of us. Our waiter warned us but these were the two we had already set our minds on before coming here and we were just fine with having leftovers for dinner the next day! The beef and bone marrow pie was so scrumptious. I love pot pies and the braised beef and gravy inside were so hearty, making this such an ideal comfort dish. The Tomahawk was GIGANTIC and had the perfect about of fattiness so it would really appeal to a true meat lover!


We did not have any room for dessert but I had no problem with that. I was completely stuffed and wished I had more room to finish our amazing meal! They also had a 50oz steak that the boyfriend nearly ordered but I talked him out of it because it’s absolutely insane for just the two of us to eat a 50oz steak! I normally barely finish an 8oz so after doing the math, there’s no way that steak was possible. It only means we’ll have to come back with a larger party and eat MORE! 🙂

Olive Midi Dress and a Half Bun



Most days, I’m awfully lazy and just want to throw on a simple dress and sandals. This particular dress has been a go-to piece in my closet on days like these. I love the lace details in the neckline and that it works as a midi dress for me. I think it was supposed to actually be above the knees but with my height, it’s a midi. 😛

I spent the day exploring the Arts District in Downtown and this outfit was ever so perfectly comfortable for that. We checked out a great lunch spot, had ice cream, and browsed at a book shop for a while. I love days like these!



IMG_6946 IMG_6950

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Beach Day Essentials

Summer is almost over so let’s take advantage of the time we have left and enjoy the beautiful weather and any beach time we can get! I live in Los Angeles, but I really don’t go to the beach that often. I’m going to try to go at least once or twice before the weather gets too cold for me to frolic around at the beach.

I’m the type to over pack, so when it comes to planning a beach day, I really make sure to bring everything I could possibly need! Below are some things that are essentials for a perfect beach day!

SANDALS: I’ve been loving tassels and fringes on everything, so on a sandal is completely necessary! The ones above are super cute and I love the taupe color that they come in.

BEACH TOTE: In order to bring snacks, a towel, sunblock, reading material, and whatever else you might need for a beach day, you’ll need a large beach tote. I love this fringed tote in a light chambray blue.

ROUND BEACH TOWEL:  These round towels have been showing up EVERYWHERE and I’m loving it! I definitely recommend these for something to sit or lay on the sand. They also make great photo props!

DRESS: A dress is perfect as a beach coverup. I love just throwing on a simple dress so that it’s easy to slip on and off.

BIKINI: Off shoulder everything is super on trend right now, so why not have an off shoulder bikini top? I love this fluttery one in a light blue color.

SUNGLASSES: To protect your eyes from the bright sun, you’ll need a pair of really cool sunglasses to complete your beach outfit. Nothing like these classic pair of Raybans to do the job!

I hope you enjoyed my beach essentials list and make sure to add one more beach day to your schedule before summer is over!

Downtown LA



The boyfriend and I spent an afternoon exploring and grabbing yummy things in Downtown LA. It was particularly hot that day but it was nothing that a few donuts couldn’t fix for me! 😛

I actually wanted to see this art installation in Pershing Square so after brunch, we drove there and parked in the underground parking structure. All of the excitement was building up inside of me as we made our way up the escalators only to find out that the art installation was taken down just the day before….I know, I was so disappointed! The art installation was called Liquid Shard, which was a long canopy of silver streamers that floated in the wind. It looked so pretty in the pictures I saw which makes me so sad that I missed it. It’s okay, I’ll make sure next time there’s something I want to see, that I jump right to it!

Here’s a picture of it if you don’t know what I’m talking about!

Image result for pershing square art silver
Photo Credit: La Times

Anyways, at least I spent a nice little afternoon with the boyfriend just walking around and enjoying ourselves. I made sure to just wear something super comfy!






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