Comfy Pants


I’ve been constantly wearing distressed jeans nonstop since they are my go-to’s these days, but sometimes, I just want something more relaxed and comfortable. Not too constricting or tight. That’s when I whip these bad boys out! They are my lazy day pants, which are made of soft cotton and resemble harem pants. I generally pair them with a tee shirt that’s slightly tucked so that you could still see my waist line. Remember, petite ladies, you will appear taller when you tuck your shirt in a little to elongate your legs. If your tops are too long, it makes your legs seem shorter.

IMG_5944 IMG_5945





Tee Shirt (Similar Here)| Cotton Pants (Similar Here)| Double Strap Sandals (Similar Here and Here)| Hat

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Instagram Recap

Been up to quite a bit since my last Instagram Recap post but that’s what recaps are for! Went to a Dodger Game, tons of brunch, and Button Mash. I really can’t wait for Summer to come because I have tons planned already. From outdoor concerts, weekend trips, and exploring more eateries, the plans are rolling in!

Take a look below to see what I’ve been up to! Outfit details are provided underneath each picture.


Military Jacket (Similar Here and Here)| White Shirt| Black Jeans| Shoes| Purse (Similar Here)|


Black Tank| Boyfriend Jeans (Similar Here and Here)| Purse| Flats (Similar Here and Here)|


Hat| Shirt (Similar Here)| Pants (Similar Here)| Sandals (Similar Here and Here)|

12976640_1148561991832560_369148120_n (1)Purse

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Favorites: Met Gala 2016

As we all know, the Met Gala is a huge night for fashion. I always expect outfits with tons of drama and elaborate details, which is what we definitely got this year! I love seeing the amazing looks and the biggest celebrities and public figures that attend.

Check out my favorites from the night!


alessandra ambrosio met gala 2016

Kate Hudson met gala 2016

zoe saldana met gala 2016

Pictures are from

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Foodie Friday

Afters Ice Cream in Pasadena, CA

I recently discovered this place (don’t know why) but it’s absolutely scrumptious, delicious, amazing! I don’t think I know enough words to describe it. The ice cream flavors are super yummy and they offer these things called Milky Buns which are pretty much like glazed donuts filled with your choice of ice cream and topping. So far, I’ve tried the jasmine milk tea (purple one) and the milk and cereal flavor. Both of which are amazing! They haven’t done me wrong yet so I’m going to be a frequent visitor!




Urth Caffe in Pasadena, CA

Came here for a healthy brunch with a friend and my sis one weekend. See how much green I had? I was awfully proud of myself but I’m sure I ended up having a burger for dinner or something anyways. At least I tried, right? Anyways, I love coming here for their green tea latte, which is great hot or cold! They have tons of desserts and pastries which I’ve heard are also delicious! After our yummy brunch, we went out to explore the local Container Store.


Homemade Goodness by Moi!

I had some avocados that were getting pretty ripe and some radishes that needed to be eaten asap so what better way to use them than to make avocado toast?! I know everyone is eating avocado toasts right now and they’re trending but they really are delicious! There’s a reason why everyone eats them! Another plus is that they’re healthy. I need a more substantial toast, so I like adding some egg to them as well. See below! 🙂 IMG_5908

Dodger Dog at Dodger Stadium

Went to a baseball game just last night after I haven’t been in over 10 years! I knew that I had to have the infamous Dodger Dog, nachos, and garlic fries, which I happily succeeded! The boyfriend got me the Cuban dog, since the Dodgers were playing Miami last night and it was pretty good! Especially since I was starving by then! However, I was ready to knock out when it was barely the 3rd inning…


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Bell Sleeves


I have been loving pieces with a bit of flair to them and this top from JCrew is the perfect example! It looks like a simple striped blouse but has these amazing bell sleeves that makes the piece super fun and cool!  It also has a great weight to it so the quality of the fabric is very nice.

Sometimes, I notice that I have way too many basic pieces that by getting some that have some funky details to them makes a big difference! I highly recommend this blouse and it does run big so opt for a size smaller!




Blouse| Jeans| Sandals| Purse|

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Little China Girl

IMG_5820 (1)

It was a little rainy one weekend but I was determined to go to Chinatown to try out Burgerlords, so that’s exactly what I did! We went into this plaza that had cute little shops and lanterns hanging above the courtyard, so I knew I had to take some pictures!

I purchased this coat from Hautelook when they had a North Face sale. I had been wanting a good coat to wear on chilly days but something that was also not super dressy. This was perfect because it is somewhat waterproof, has a hood, and still gives me shape because it is structured with a curve at your waist.

I paired it with a simple shirt, distressed jeans, and my Nike sneakers. Super comfy yet still put together for a nice little outing on a rainy day!







Jacket| Shirt (Similar Here)| Jeans| Clutch| Sunglasses



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Soft Ruffles

IMG_5732 (1)

I’ve teamed up with to show you guys an “Ultimate Vegas” outfit and I know most people think that Vegas is mainly for bikinis and clubbing attire, but I find that I enjoy a much more simple itinerary and going when it’s NOT summer! I love enjoying amazing eateries, watching shows, and getting a bit of shopping done. I’m not one for crazy parties or the nightlife so I created an outfit more geared towards the usual activities I partake in when I’m there.

I love being able to walk around the strip and sight see, do a little shopping, or even spend a few hours at the spa in one of their fabulous Las Vegas Hotels! This outfit would also be great for a nice little dinner! Somewhat dressy, but not super formal. I purchased this ruffled blouse from Aritzia some time ago and love how feminine and beautiful it is. It definitely dresses up an outfit really well. I paired it with my black distressed skinny jeans for a little balance and mixed edginess with feminine touches.




IMG_5740 IMG_5754 IMG_5757


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Maxi Dresses

With Summer just around the corner, I’ve been eyeing some pretty maxi dresses with a mix of fun colors and funky prints! I’m not one to wear prints but I’m contemplating it here and there.
What’s funny is that just recently I’ve been told by my family that I can’t wear long dresses because of how short I am! They were saying that I should not even consider buying any maxi dresses because it wouldn’t look good on me! Can you believe that?! Comments like these are the reason why I started my blog in the first place! I am a deep believer that no matter what body shape or size you are, you can enjoy any style and wear what your heart desires (as long as it’s appropriate). You shouldn’t listen to old and dated style tips that are incorrect most of the time! AND tailoring is your best friend. Yes, most maxi dresses are way too long on me, but I go to my tailor every once in a while to get that fixed and voila, it fits! 🙂
Wear what you want and feel good about it!
I wanted to show you guys a few picks I’ve been looking at and would love to get my hands on sometime soon! Check them out below. Links are provided for my top 4 picks below my collage and all the pictures are clickable so they will lead you to the retailer!
Which one’s your favorite?!
Maxi Dresses



More picks below!

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Black Tank and Structured Tote


I’m really enjoying how beautiful our Spring is so far! Not that LA doesn’t have tons of sunny days in a year but it’s been at the perfect temperature each day! I do dread horribly hot days coming up soon so I’m enjoying how it is right now as much as I possibly can.

I keep it really simple with my outfits so a loose tank, distressed jeans, and sneakers are like my springtime and summer uniform! I do want to look into getting some more summer dresses and expand my summer wardrobe a bit so keep an eye out for those posts!







Tank| Jeans| Tote (SIMILAR HERE)| Sneakers|

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