Foodie Friday (Sort of)

DINETTE in Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA

Came here because I kept seeing pictures of it on Instagram so when there are waffles and avocado toasts involved, I have to be there! Dinette is just a small window with outdoor covered seating, so it’s really cute and simple. I love their little disposable utensils, trays, and paper straws. It adds so much character to their brand. Unfortunately, they ran out of avocado toast when we got there which makes sense it’s one of their more popular items, so I just got their waffle and the boyfriend got their salmon toast. The waffle was AMAZING! It was fluffy, had a little bit of saltiness to it, and of course, just the right amount of sweetness. I love that it came with a perfectly poached egg and bacon. All of the food groups that you need in one dish right?! 🙂


BIRDIES in Downtown, Los Angeles, CA

I had been dying to visit Birdies to eat their beautiful donuts and try out their donut chicken sandwich. I was way too full to have their chicken sandwich but I did grab 4 of the donuts. We got the triple chocolate, lemon thyme pistachio, strawberry shortcake, and cinnamon toast crunch. They looked way to pretty to eat but that didn’t really stop me. They were really good and moist with just the right amount of chewiness! Must try more!!


By Chloe in Silverlake, Los Angeles, CA

Heard of this great Vegan spot in Silverlake that just opened and wanted to give it a try! Sometimes, I try to eat better even on the weekends, so little spots like these make it a a lot easier for me. I had their avocado toast, matcha green tea, and some sweet potato fries (air fried). Everything was so delicious and you barely noticed that it was Vegan! It’s one of my new favorite spots and I know I’ll be frequenting this place! 🙂




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Back to School Supplies

Now, I haven’t been in school for a while but I can still appreciate the excitement for buying fresh new school supplies! It was always my favorite part of going back to school, even though just a few days into a new school year, I was already sick of it and want vacation. To lessen the sadness of Summer vacation ending, I looked forward to stocking up on the cutest school supplies! If I were to still attend school, these would be my picks to make sure I had the coolest stuff!

Check them out! 🙂


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Style Spotlight: Basics AND GIVEAWAY!!

As you guys already know, I love my basics! My daily outfits are made up of basic pieces so that I can quickly leave my house for work or anything else I do! I try to always choose clothes that are versatile and would give me the ability to create endless outfits using different combinations of pieces and items. It can be a white t-shirt, crisp button up blouse, or a pair of comfy jeans; the options can go on and on!

Check out my essentials and basic pieces below:

ALSO, I’m participating in a really amazing GIVEAWAY! Enter below for your chance to win really cool back to school prizes and essentials!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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IMG_6852 (1)

I went to Smorgasburg last weekend with a group of friends and we pigged out to our hearts’ content. It’s a food fair and flea market all in one, but mostly a food fair. It happens everything Sunday right behind the American Apparel building in Downtown, Los Angeles. Parking is very easy and convenient, which is great. I made sure to wear clothes that were appropriate for eating a lot of food and not too constricting. This dress from Socialite Clothing that I got from the Nordstrom Sale was the perfect piece for just that! The strings that go across the neckline are super cute and is like a mock lace up effect, which is very popular right now. I love the white with dark stripes. It gives it such a clean and simple look. Threw on a hat, sunglasses, pointed flats, and a bucket bag AND was ready to consume all the food I could possibly fit in my tummy!

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Striped Dress| Pointed Mule Flats| Bucket Bag| Panama Hat (Similar HERE)|

Check out similar options below!

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Foodie Friday

Belle’s Bagels in Highland Park, Los Angeles

I heard from my coworker that there was a bagel window that recently opened out of a billiards bar so I knew I had to try it soon! I went on a Saturday morning with my sister to grab a couple of bagels before we started our day. It was just as my coworker described it, a bagel window! They have a variety of bagels, bagel sandwiches, shmears, etc. I chose the everything bagel with scallion schmear and my sister got one of their sandwiches. They also provide bagels with lox so I’ll definitely try that next time!

The bagel was freshly made so the center was doughy and chewy which is something I really liked about it. I wished that it was toasted a little more but it may have something to do with having to drive it back home to eat. Will be coming back!



Smorgasburg in Downtown, Los Angeles

I’ve been hearing and seeing posts about Smorgasburg NONSTOP for the past few weeks so I really wanted to check it out! I was so glad that my friend made plans to go because I had been dying to go anways! 🙂

It’s a little flea market/food festival that happens every Sunday morning in the LA produce market courtyard. I thought it was such a cool place to hold it and going early helps with beating the crowd. I did a walk-around with my friend so that we can scan all of the vendors before deciding on what we really wanted to eat. Needless to say, we ended up eating a majority of the foods there anyways. We had the pork belly paratha tacos, Strawberry rose aqua fresca, hainan chicken, mozarella sticks, lobster nachos, acai bowl, and probably more but I can’t remember what.

If you’re free on Sunday mornings and STARVING, check it out!





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Home Finds: Pillows Galore!

Alihenrie pillows 8.6.16
Photo Credit:
Halcyon room 8.6.16
Photo Credit: Luxury Moments for You Tumblr
Homestyle Magazine_ apartment therapy 8.6.16
Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy and Larnie Nicholson of Homestyle Magazine
Loom and Field 8.6.16
Photo Credit: Loom and Field
Pom Pom at Home 8.6.16
Photo Credit: Pom Pom at Home

Just like any other girl, I love pillows. The more pillows, the better! I still sleep in a twin size bed and I have FIVE pillows. Not sure how I managed to fit that many on my tiny bed, but I assure you, it’s absolutely necessary! At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

I love adding decorative touches to my bed, couch, and seats, so what better way than to add fun and funky pillows? Yes, I tend to stick to a more neutral color palette when it comes to my decor and fashion choices, but I also love a pop of color here and there once in a while. And pillows are generally where I feel more comfortable playing with that. Sure, I still live with my parents but I add my touches here and there around the house and of course, my room.

First, if you have a neutral couch or bed, adding a brightly colored or patterned pillow is a great way to give it a little extra oomph! I love geometric prints right now because of their bold print and colors which would be a great statement piece. Now if you’re like me and get intimated with bright colors, try adding a neutral pillow with fun textures like tassels or fringes. Or maybe even a furry pillow! There are endless options and so easily interchangeable!

Check out some great decorative pillows below that I know you’ll want for your house!

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Foodie Friday

Kitchen Mouse in Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA

My sister and I have been trying to eat better and have a more active lifestyle so even during weekend brunch, we try to make sure our options are on the healthier side. Sometimes we’re successful, sometimes we’re not but on this particular weekend, we did pretty good! We chose to have brunch at Kitchen Mouse which is a vegetarian and vegan friendly spot with the cutest decor! I got the black bean cakes with slaw on the side and my sister got the chilaquiles. I actually really liked my black bean cakes. The slaw was good but a little too tart for me. I’d have to say it is on the pricier side but I really like how fresh the food was and how good I felt after! 🙂


Magpies in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, CA

I have been seeing this place all over my social media feed so I knew I had to try it soon! It’s a new soft serve ice cream spot that offers seasonal flavors and delicious toppings. I dragged my friends here so that I could dig into some creamy soft serve ice cream and satisfy my ice cream craving that I seem to have EVERYDAY. I got the sweet cream with the hazelnut wafers and almond brittle. I have two words, “LOVE IT”.

IMG_6766 IMG_6768

626 Night Market at the Santa Anita Race Tracks

I went to the 626 Night Market just recently and it’s a huge food festival that features vendors that offer Asian fusion foods or eateries that are located in Alhambra/Monterey Park. It is super big so of course I didn’t get to try everything but I did get one of my favorite things in the world, TAKOYAKIS. Takoyakis are Japanese snacks that are little balls of batter with squid in the middle and toppings such as bonito shavings, green onions, seaweed, mayo, etc. I have to have it whenever I see it so I knew that the 626 Night Market would definitely have it. I’m going again soon to accompany a friend that wants to go, so I guess I’ll be having more and trying other things!

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Weekend in Palm Springs

I grew up in a really big family with about 10 aunts and uncles on both my mom’s and my dad’s side and dozens of cousins (didn’t intend to rhyme there). My dad is the oldest sibling in his family so that makes me the oldest cousin on my dad’s side. So I grew up with a lot of younger cousins and we were always causing tons of trouble together! Don’t even know how my grandma was able to babysit all of us at once so lots of kudos to her! Now that we’re all grown up, we don’t get to spend that much time together anymore so it was about time for us to plan a weekend trip together!

We decided to get an Airbnb in Palm Springs for 9 of us and had the best time! The house was breathtakingly gorgeous with such cool and fun retro decor and details. Apparently, the house was built for FDR’s son, which was a really neat piece of history about it!


My favorite part of the house were these fun, colorful old telephones that were hanging on the wall in the hallway. They didn’t work, but they looked great! 🙂







This was the master bathroom and I was just in awe every time I used it! The shower was really open which is something I’m not used to but it was beautiful nonetheless! Just made sure that I closed the doors to the bedroom and locked it so that I could shower without feeling scared someone was going to walk in.








We spent the weekend just lounging at the pool, watching movies, drinking (everyone else, not me), and eating tons of home cooked food! Didn’t even have to leave the house, but who would if you were staying in this one! It was such a great time for us to bond and really spend time with each other. The youngest cousin (13 years old) went home after the weekend and told his mom that he had a blast and didn’t want to go home! Isn’t that the sweetest?! I just wanted to make sure they had a fun time!




Floral Off Shoulder Dress| Striped Off Shoulder Bikini| White Crinkle Curve Top|

See below for more pieces similar to the ones I’m wearing during my weekend getaway!

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Purple Tropical Romper


The weather’s been heating up in LA so I’ve been reaching for simple Summer pieces like a cool summer dress or this romper with a fun tropical print from Ami Clubwear! It’s super lightweight and so easy to just throw on and run out of the house! I usually like a little more coverage so I paired it with a light grey cardigan. I don’t own a lot of rompers so I was a little hesitant about picking this out but I thought it has such a great summer print and is a simple piece to have.

What have you added to your Summer wardrobe?! 🙂

Look below for more fun summer rompers!




Tropical Romper (Similar HERE and below)| Grey Cardigan (Similar HERE)| Double Strap Sandals (Similar HERE)| Quay Sunglasses|

*Sponsored Post. Thank you Ami ClubWear for keeping me cool and stylish with this romper!

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Rose Gold Sunglasses and Basic Tank


I was searching for a pair of rose gold colored sunglasses with an interesting shape and found these from Quay. They are such a lovely color and I’m super happy with my choice! I feel like they make such a statement!

Nothing like a white tank, comfy jeans, and a pair of cool sunglasses to make a simple Summer outfit!





White Tank| Ripped Jeans| Double Strap Sandals (Similar HERE)| Tory Burch Crossbody| Quay Sunglasses

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