Foodie Friday: A Weekend in Portland

The fiance and I took a little weekend getaway to Portland and because I couldn’t really take some time off of work, we were really only there for about a day and half. So we flew in late Friday night and left early Sunday afternoon. With such little time there, we tried our best to maximize our eating experience by coming up with a strategy for our meals! We agreed to choose a dish that both of us want and then getting a smaller dish of some sort with it. That way, we don’t get too stuffed, get to try what we want, and be ready to eat more shortly after!

Check out what we had!


We went here for brunch through recommendations from our friends. They serve a cajun inspired brunch menu that is drool worthy! We got the shrimp and grits and their bacon praline waffle. Although we kept seeing everyone order the chicken and waffles, we didn’t feel the need to have it there and really just wanted to get the shrimp and grits. I stand by our decision because we were the perfect level of fullness and both dishes were absolutely tasty! I highly recommend coming here but be prepared to wait if you come on the weekend. It was just the two of us and we waited about 45 minutes to get seated.



We discovered this spot from the Food Network and have been wanting to try it ever since! After hearing constant ravings about porchetta from our friend and finding out that Lardo has an amazing porchetta sandwich, we knew that we had to come here. They specialize in pork and meaty sandwiches. Porchetta is almost like a thick slice of pork belly so it’s mouthwatering juicy goodness. We got a side of crispy pig ears to go with it and loved every bite of our food. We need to come back and try some of their other sandwiches!



This was also a huge recommendation from our friends. We came here for breakfast before we had to catch a flight back to LA, so we made sure to arrive early in case there was a long wait. Plus, I also wanted to get a little dessert after so we really needed to try to fit everything in before we left. πŸ˜›

We got there bright and early and maybe waited about 10 minutes to order. Once we ordered, we grabbed a number and sat at the counter where we could see them make the dishes and where all the magic happens. Once again, we went with our fail proof strategy by ordering a biscuit to share and a side dish of some sort. We got the biscuit that included fried chicken, honey mustard, pickles, with a side of sausage gravy. And our second dish was their corn dog. I know, corn dog? I have a weakness for corn dogs so anytime I see it on a menu, I have to get it!

Both was really really good. Especially for breakfast. It also didn’t feel incredibly heavy so we had plenty of room for dessert! Stop by here if you’re like me and LOVE biscuits and gravy. You can’t go wrong!



Pip’s was our last stop for the weekend. I knew we had to get donuts, but since Voodoo moved down to LA and Blue Star wasn’t very convenient for us to get to, we decided on Pip’s. Well, it was mostly the chai tea flight that won me over. I’ve never seen this anywhere and because I am a huge chai lover, this was a must! For the two us, we ordered half of dozen, which was 1 of every flavor they offered. The donuts are small/ mini sized and are almost like cake donuts. Slightly crispy outside and soft inside. Love that they are made to order!

The chai flight, oh the chai flight. I fell in love with the lavender flavor and it was so fun to be able to try out all the other flavors too. The fiance liked the coconut milk one! So much better than an alcoholic flight! πŸ™‚


Style Spotlight: Round Sunglasses

With Spring in its peak and Summer just around the corner, adding some really cool shades to your wardrobe is a must! I have the pleasure of living in Sunny LA so having a great pair (or few) of sunglasses really helps me. Also, it gives you a sense of mystery, don’t you think?! I have been falling in love with round shaped glasses lately and am searching for another pair as we speak. My go to pair is just trusty ol’ Target. I tend to buy more affordable options because I either lose them or my fiance sits on my purse with the glasses in them…But if you’re really good about taking care of your glasses, the higher end ones are probably a lot sturdier and have better protection for your eyes. This trendy round shape gives you a 70s glam look and I love that it seems to fit my face really well. I often find that sunglasses tend to be too small for my face, so the bigger and round ones doesn’t make me look like I have a gigantic head!

Check out some of my picks below!

Fendi Women’s Round Sunglasses β€’ Fendi
Women’s Le Specs ‘No Smirking’ 50Mm Round Sunglasses – Black Rubber β€’ Le Specs
Women’s Valley ‘Scapula’ 45Mm Round Sunglasses – Gloss Black
Prada Round sunglasses β€’ Prada
Acne Studios Scientist round sunglasses β€’ Acne Studios
Women’s Bp. 55Mm Round Sunglasses – Black/ Gold β€’ BP
Women’s Perverse Janis 59Mm Round Sunglasses – Gold/ Black
Metal Round Sunglasses β€’ Saint Laurent
Prada Round sunglasses β€’ Prada
Prada Round sunglasses β€’ Prada
Women’s Miu Miu 49Mm Round Retro Sunglasses – Black β€’ Miu Miu
Madeline Metal Round Sunglasses
Women’s Ray-Ban Icons 50Mm Round Sunglasses – Gold/ Blue β€’ Ray-Ban
Ray-Ban 50MM Round Sunglasses β€’ Ray-Ban
American Eagle Outfitters AE Metal Round Sunglasses β€’ American Eagle Outfitters

Longline Cardigan

I have always loved light cardigans from regular ones to chunky ones to long ones. I find it so simple to throw over your outfit, especially because I’m always cold. Even when it’s sunny out, I like the security of taking a cardigan with me just in case! This particular one is from Target and I love that it’s lightweight and a longline length. There are also slits on the side so it just falls and flows so beautifully. I also find that a longline cardigan tends to lengthen me a little more. Just as long as it hits me at the knees.

Longline Black Cardigan| Jeans| Bow Mules (Similar HERE)| Hat (Similar HERE)| Bucket Bag (Similar HERE)| Grey Charcoal Tee

Style Spotlight: Bell Sleeves

Today, I wanted to point the spotlight on BELL SLEEVES. I love adding drama to some of the simplest clothing items by simply choosing blouses with this detail. They definitely demand attention in their own way and I’m loving it! Tell me I wasn’t the only one in love with this trend when Britney Spears wore it a few times during her “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” days! Come on, be honest! I made sure to buy any tops with fluttery ruffled bell sleeves. The bigger the bell, the better! It was such a cool thing to wear and helped you channel your inner 70s glam queen AND Britney all at the same time! πŸ™‚
Anyways, I’m happy to see that this trend is coming back in a more refined manner. I’ve been seen wearing a few versions of this trend in the past few months and I’m still looking for more! Check out my picks below!



Women’s Madewell Sonia Bell Sleeve Blouse β€’ Madewell
Starry Eyed Petite Woven Shirt With Embellished Sweater Overlay
Petite tipped button-back bell-sleeve top β€’ J.Crew
Bell Sleeve Silk Blouse β€’ Ann Taylor
Striped Bell Sleeve Henley β€’ LOFT
Scotch & Soda Bell Sleeve Chambray Top β€’ Scotch & Soda
Petite Women’s J.crew Bell Sleeve Button Back Top β€’ J.Crew
Button-back bell-sleeve top β€’ J.Crew
Women’s J.crew Tipped Button Back Bell Sleeve Top β€’ J.Crew

The Neon Museum

During our little weekend in Vegas, we decided to do and see things that we normally don’t. At the top of my list was the Neon Museum, which features old neon lights from the strip. It was such a cool experience to hear the stories of Old Vegas, the science behind neon lights, and the people associated with it. I really learned a lot of cool facts during the hour tour that we took.

The guide really encouraged us to take as many pictures as we could and helped us with the best picture angles with the signs. I loved it so much and highly recommend visiting this spot! Just remember to make reservations ahead of time because they tend to sell out!



Pink Trousers and Camel Coat


We went to Vegas one weekend to get out of town and escape the rain in LA, only to find that it was also raining there! Even though the weather wasn’t too great on the first day, we still enjoyed our time just relaxing at the spa, eating brunch, and then going to the Baz Show at the Palazzo. I wanted to get some pictures outside while there was a little break from the rain but we couldn’t make our way out in time and then it started raining right when we started getting some shots in! So forgive my wet outfit and hair!

I purchased these trouser pants recently for a more tailored look while also being comfy. I love these mauve pink pants because they are a little more color than I usually wear and they fit just perfectly! Topshop is a great place for petite gals because they offer shorter length bottoms, so I highly recommend!


Pants| Sweater| Coat (Similar HERE)| Shoes (Similar HERE)

Off Shoulder at LACMA

I often find myself not enjoying a lot of the beautiful sights and attractions that LA has to offer, so I’m making it a goal to visit different spots in LA. We live in such a lively and fast paced city, but because I’ve lived here my entire life, I often take the weather, the beauty for granted. We went to visit LACMA a few weekends ago so that I could finally see that giant rock art installation called Levitated Mass in person. I really thought it was the coolest thing even though some may say it’s just a big rock sitting on a concrete canal. Yes, that’s what it is, but it’s still pretty amazing.

I wore my new off shoulder blouse from J.Crew, new shoes, and had some time to make my hair look a little nicer. One mistake though, was trying to break in my new shoes while walking around. Definitely paid for that with some cuts and blisters.





Off Shoulder Blouse| Jeans| Colorblock Pumps|

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All Black

This outfit came out of pure laziness. I wanted to look slightly put together yet leisurely all at once so I paired this lovely black blouse with split sleeves with a pair of joggers. Just throw on some comfy flats or mules and you’re good to go! I love this because I’m incredibly comfy but it’s still acceptable for going about my day. I just got some shopping, brunch, and some errands done that day.


Black Blouse (Similar HERE)| Black Joggers (Similar HERE)| Pointed Toe Mules (Similar HERE)| Leather Satchel (Similar HERE)

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Foodie Friday


I always love coming here for brunch and wanted to dedicate an entire Foodie Friday post to this place! They have so many healthy options for when I want to have a lighter and nutritious meal, except when I decide to add on sweets and pastries. I dare you to try to NOT get any of their pastries!

My sister and I went to have brunch together and my eyes went straight to these little pancakes! They are super cute and bite sized but smothered in syrup, powdered sugar, and finished with a dollop of whipped butter. Good thing we shared it! We each also got our own dishes so I also got my veggies in! πŸ™‚

Malibu Winery Tour

My sister and I took our parents to the Malibu Wine Safari Tour a little while ago. We thought it would be a great family activity to do together one weekend and I’d have to say that it was a success! My parents loved the animals we got to see, the wine tastings, and the cute little vintage trailer display. It was pretty chilly that day so I was glad that I wore a sweater and boots. I saw a few girls on the tour that wore shorts and were covered in goosebumps. Super happy with my outfit decision! Just threw on a hat and some sunglasses and I was ready for the safari!

Cardigan (Similar HERE)| Tshirt| Jeans| Boots| Hat (Similar HERE)

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